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From apartments to homestays, you’re sure to find accommodation to suit your lifestyle.

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From apartments to homestays, you’re sure to find accommodation to suit your lifestyle.

There are a vast range of options to choose from when looking at accommodation options:

  • Hostels or Halls of Residence
    Fully furnished single or twin-share rooms that are situated close to campus. Enjoy a shared dining area, lounge to hang out with friends, and laundry facilities. Since the halls are shared with fellow students, you are sure to experience a lively atmosphere where you can make friends in no time. Meals may be included. Terms and benefits vary from different education providers. You should gain more information from your education provider from their website or by contacting them directly.
  • Homestay
    Experience the New Zealand lifestyle through the eyes of the locals. This type of accommodation will have you staying with a local family in their home. You are likely to have your own, fully-furnished room. Meals are provided, and what better way to settle into your new life and learn the kiwi lingo with the help of someone that knows the ins and outs of living in New Zealand?
  • Independent Accommodation (or Flatting)
    Ranging from one bedroom apartments to apartments suitable for 4/5 People, there’s no shortage of this type of accommodation in New Zealand. Choose convenience and be close to the city and your campus, or choose a comfortable living style situated in the suburbs that offer parks and gardens as well as parking space.
    You can find basic furnishing like an oven and dishwasher, as well as dryers and washing machines. The rent and/or phone/energy bills will be split amongst you and your flatmates.

The accommodation cost varies. The national median rent is NZ$555 per week (as at 2018) for a three bedroom house, or NZ$215 a room per week.

  • Temporary accommodation
    You can stay at an inexpensive backpacker lodge close to your university. If staying in Auckland, more information can be found on
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